Accident Repair

Our staff is committed to making your collision repair experience as painless as possible. An auto accident is a stressful experience. Our staff highly experienced in handling every aspect of the repair process.

When a policyholder reports an automobile damage claim, an insurance representative will offer their policyholder the choice of repair options. These options typically include taking your vehicle to a “Direct Repair Shop” that is authorized to repair your vehicle or to schedule a convenient time to get an estimate from an insurance appraiser. The choice of the repair facility is always yours to make. We have relationships with most major insurance companies. J & J will coordinate the entire repair process from start to finish: valet service, tow, and/or rental car arrangements and of course the actual repair to your vehicle. During your vehicles stay with J & J, your car will be safe and secure in our on-site locked facility.

Whether or not your auto insurance policy includes rental coverage, should need a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired, can help. We work closely with Enterprise Rent-a-Car and we will aid in setting up your rental.

The Repair Process

  • Prepare Estimate
    We will inspect your vehicle to document the damage caused by the collision. In most cases the information will be electronically transmitted to your insurance company for a speedy approval for the work to be done. An accurate estimate helps us and the insurance company ensure a smooth flow of the repair process.
  • Owner Signs Repair Authorization
    Prior to the actual repair, you will be asked to sign a repair authorization allowing us to repair your vehicle.
  • Parts Ordered
    When all the needed approvals are received from you and the insurance company, we will begin the process of ordering the parts necessary to repair your vehicle.
  • Estimated Completion Date
    It is important to understand that certain types of damage become apparent only after your vehicle has been disassembled. Therefore, your vehicle’s completion date may need to be revised.
  • Body Repairs
    Our Skilled Technicians will make the necessary structural and body repairs. This includes replacing parts, body work and paint.
  • Paint
    A surface filler is sprayed on to ensure a quality, uniform and smooth surface. To make certain that the highest quality standards are met, we carefully mask your vehicle to protect it from overspray during the refinish process.  Your vehicle moved into the paint booth and painted. Matching the unique finishes of vehicles requires special expertise in application techniques, such as state-of-the-art heated paint booths combined with PPG Paint Performance Guarantee.
  • Reassembly
    Once your vehicle has completed the paint process we then complete the reassembly of parts such as mirrors, moldings, and other hardware.
  • Wash
    Your vehicle will be thoroughly detailed, washed and vacuumed prior to being returned to you.
  • Final Inspection
    Your vehicle will undergo a test drive and quality inspection prior to being returned to you.

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